About Us



"All about the adventure!

Providing natural energy products through zero waste packaging is something I have become extremely passionate about. Whether it's streamlining manufacturing or sourcing new ingredients, I'm loving the rollercoaster ride!




Meeting Tom through one of my cycling events, we instantly connected over the product & packaging potential! Excited to get involved with the marketing side & help elevate the project.

Our Mission

After spending years in the outdoor sporting industry, on the water in the summers & shredding pow in the winter. There was always that search to find something to keep motivated throughout the day, like hiking up that huge ass mountain with your mates so you can do it over and over without completely bunkering out!
Energy Drinks being the "in thing" just didn't cut it, short-lived and giving a hefty crash and come down from the sugar and synthetic caffeine.

Then started the mission to create energy products with a healthy approach and longer lasting results. Spending the past year and a half searching, testing and developing, OG's first alternative/healthy energy product, "OFF GRID" was created.

The road has been long but it has only just begun! for Off Grid's future, we want to keep the small business heart and mind and let the OG dream travel through everyone we meet! As the mission thrives through the business's core.